DLC Markets

The simplest and most secure way to trade derivatives

DLC Markets provides a suite of applications to manage OTC derivatives trading while minimizing risks.

You can easily design any product, on any underlying asset, with your own margin rules, relying on the most stable financial infrastructure to keep custody of your collateral.



No need to trust a third-party for trading and clearing.


Tailor market parameters and margin rules to fit your unique trading needs.

Easy to use

Just plug your Bitcoin wallet and start trading.

Why Choose DLC Markets ?

Low fees

Trade directly with your counterparty and avoid the cost of a trusted party.


Join a large network of institutional players.


Verify each step in the trading process directly in the Bitcoin blockchain.

White Paper

Dive into the new features DLC Markets brings to the OTC derivatives trading process

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About Us

Our team combines deep expertise in finance, engineering and research; coupled with a great experience in building on Bitcoin. This collective expertise has been instrumental in the creation of LN Markets, the first instant settlement trading platform.

Bitcoin, as an asset, represents just one facet of its potential. On the flip side, Bitcoin as a protocol provides the ideal building blocks for the development of sound financial services.

We are convinced that Bitcoin will be the financial infrastructure of the future.